Anisa Ashkar

Born in Acre in 1979. Lives and works in Acre and Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.


2001-2004    B.Ed.FA, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, Israel

1998-2000    Art studies, the Western Galilee College, Israel

Solo Exhibitions:

2018    “Homeland to the poor and patriotism to whom!", Oranim Academic College

2017    “Black Gold”,The Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern Cultures, Beer Sheva

    “Golden Surface”, Walled Off Hotel Gallery, Bethlehem

2016    “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”, The Lobby – Art Space, Tel Aviv

2015    “Proba 2”, Gabirol Gallery, Tel Aviv
    “Take Care”, The Municipal Gallery, Kfar Saba, Israel

2014    "Jouissance", N&N Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013    "New Works", Mane House, Tel Aviv

2012    "Anisa, Not All is Black", Beeri Gallery, Kibbutz Beeri, Israel

2011    "Save the Date: Today", Figyres International Festival, Spain

    "Save the Date: Afternoon", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

    "Save the Date: Tonight", Performance Biennale, Bamat Meizag, Tel Aviv

2010    "Zift", N&N Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009    "Mashkhara", Fresh Paint 2 –Art Fair, Tel Aviv, sponsor: Outset Contemporary Art Fund

2008    "Al Adham (The Black Horse)", Artists House, Tel Aviv

2007    "In a Twinkling of an Eye", Space Art Track 7, Athens

2006    "I Have Returned, Jaffa", Yaffa, Jaffa, Israel

    "Hakol Katuv (All is Written)", Mishkanot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

2004    "Me and Klee Paint", Beit Berl College, Kalmaniya, Israel

    "Ummi", Seraya – Arab-Jewish Theater, Jaffa, Israel

    "The Frogwoman", Bamat Meizag – Performance Art Platform, Tel Aviv

    "Untitled (Barbur 24000)", Acre Theater

2003    "Barbur Aswad", Hagar Art Gallery, Jaffa, Israel

Group Exhibitions:

2017    “Art School: Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Seventy”, Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2016    “The Winners: Ministry of Culture and Sport Prizes for 2015”, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art

“Traces VI: The Return of Paper / Reflections on Drawing”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem

“The Identity of the Palestinian Artist”, Umm El-Fahem Gallery

2015    “Covers”, Kupferman's House, Lohamei HaGeta'ot, Israel

    “Art Sale for Torture Survivors Program”, The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv

    “Houses beyond the Hyphen”, Zochrot, Jaffa, Israel

    "Still, Dead", The Lobby Art Space, Tel Aviv

    "Porcelain: The White Gold of Europe", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
    "Art Book Fair", Artport, Tel Aviv

2014    "Chicago Triangle", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

    "Manifestations of Letter", Umm El-Fahem Gallery, Israel
    "Zaz Festival", Tel Aviv

    "Ode to a Woman", Office in Tel Aviv Gallery

    "Lebensraum", Artists House, Tel Aviv

    "Profile is Aggression Too", Minus 1 Gallery, Tel Aviv

2013    "Centrifuge", The Nathan Cummings Foundation in association with Artis, New York

"Voices From the Interior: Palestinian Women Artists", Mana Contemporary Gallery, in collaboration with Umm El-Fahem Gallery, New Jersey

    "Effervescence", Nahum Gutman Museum of Art, Tel Aviv

    "Sal Zriha", Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv

    "Visual Scripts", Wilfried Israel Museum, HaZore'a Kibbutz, Israel

    "Eye Territory", The DIAGHILEV, Tel Aviv

    "We Connected", The Israeli Children's Museum, Holon, Israel

    "Galilee Colors" a Contemporary Art Fair, Hatzor Haglilit, Israel

    "Rosa Luxemburg, Yona the prophetess, Queen Lear", Haifa Museum, Israel

2012    "Memugadarot – Feminist Art and Theory", Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Spring", MECA Contemporary Gallery, New Jersey

    "Home/Place", Umm El-Fahem Gallery, Israel

    "Bread and Roses 7", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Memory and Immigration", Umm El-Fahem Gallery, Israel

2011    "Boydem Art Festival", Tel Aviv

    "The Gordon Show", Loving Art. Making Art Festival, Tel Aviv

    "According to Foreign Sources", Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, Israel

    "Bread and Roses 6", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

2010    "Island" an ongoing performance project, Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

    "Stroll", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Bread and Roses 5", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Estrangements", Hakita Gallery, Sapir College, Sderot, Israel

2009    "Women Creating Changes" (traveling exhibition), Museum of Modern Art Tallinn, Estonia

    "Bread and Roses 4", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Art Factory – The Launch", Art Factory, Bat Yam, Israel

    "Home", Apart.Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

    Sotheby's Israeli and International Art Auction, New York

    "Jennifer Bar Lev Hosting Anisa Ashkar", Tel Aviv Open Studious Festival

    "Environmental Sensitivity", Menashe Forests Festival, Israel

    "Black", the House of Culture and Art, Nazareth

    "Bart.Art", P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Female Artists in Tel Aviv", Gallery 101, Tel Aviv

    "Musrara Photography Festival", Jerusalem

    "Compact Duo", Hankin Gallery, Holon, Israel

    Wessling Gallery, Wessling and Munich, Germany

    Beit Hagefen the Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa, Israel

    Le Violon Bleu Gallery, London

2008    "Van Gogh in Tel Aviv", Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv

    "Skin", Kastiel Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Occupied Space", Qattan Foundation, London

    "Bread and Roses 3", Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Gallery Collection", N&N Aman Gallery, Tel Aviv

    "Winners 2007", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel   

    "Al Asbach (The White Horse)", Essel Museum, Vienna, Austria

    "Feminine Voice", Miskanot Ha'amanim, Holon, Israel

    "Language and Gender", Artneuland Gallery, Berlin

    "Afternoon", Andreas Brüning Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

2007    "Passing the Batonette", Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

    “Islands”, Instituto Italiano di Coltura, Haifa, Israel

    "The Other Sea", Artists House, Jerusalem   

    "Portrait", Artneuland Gallery, Berlin

    "This isn't Israeli Art", Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

    "Embroiders, Embroidery and Calligraphy in Israeli contemporary art",

    Ben Gurion University, Israel

2006    "Partners", Holiday of the Holidays Festival, Haifa

"Identity of the Inner Monster", MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow, Poland

    "5th Reading Art Fair", Tel Aviv

    "Urban or Rural", Beit Hagefen the Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa

    "Black Coffee", Beit Hagefen the Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa, Israel

    Apolonea, Strasbourg, France

2005    "Still the Palm Trees Are Green", Kodra, Salonica, Greece

    "X Territory", the Municipal Gallery, Rehovot, Israel

    "Play-Ground", Beit Hagefen the Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa

    "Autobiography", Beit Berl College, Kalmaniya, Israel

2004    "Light & Shade", Beit Hagefen the Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa

    "Connected Vessels", The Acco Festival of Alternative Theater, Acre, Israel

    "Last Dance", Omanut Haaretz Festival, Power Station Compound, Tel Aviv

Awards and Scholarships:

2017    Artist in Community Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2016    Landau Prize for Arts and Sciences

Artist in Community Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2015    Ministry of Culture and Sports Prize for the Arts

2007    Young Artist Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2006    Artist-Teacher Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2005    Artist-Teacher Award, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture

2004     Artistic Excellence Award, “Hamidrasha” school of art, Beit Berl College


2019    Institut Français, La Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2008    Guest Atelier, Kunsthuas Düsseldorf, Germany

Professional Art Instruction Experience:

2004-2014    “Artist Encounters- Sal Tarbut”, special program by Israel's Ministry of Culture

2011-2013    Shenkar – Engineering, Design, Art, Ramat Gan, Israel

2010-2012    Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv

2005-2010    Special project guide, Tel Aviv Museum of Art


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