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It is time to come, I, who is coming soon. The sleep and the death are one.
“لقد حان الموعد اني اتية لقريبا فان النوم والموت واحد”

The series ‘Agria Matia’ was created in 2006 and first exhibited in January 2007 in Athens Greece. It was thought of and created during my research on Medusa Gorgona, the mythological heroine, that was the inspiration for my performance ‘In a twinkle of an eye’. The name Agria Matia is in ancient greek and its meaning is Wild Eyes. The text written on my face means: “It is time to come, I ,who is coming soon. The sleep and the death are one.” These two sentences are a poetic representation of my Medusa, I had them written on my face during the performance. In this text I summon death, and as an enchantment it helped me get into character for the performance.

Agria Matia: Bio
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